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Hello—welcome to The (new) Peacherie Blog! I've refreshed things, you'll notice. It feels good.

I’ve been wanting to re-brand and start blogging with some sort of purpose. Now is a good time as any!

It’s always been a struggle for me to find topics to write about—even though I’ve been doing so for almost four years! (See all my oooold blog posts here.)

My “blogging” journey has been quite sporadic and messy, and part of that reason is I haven’t felt super passionate about just sharing paintings I’ve done. I had no focus. Posting illustrations on my website is nice to see, but I’ve always thought it seemed flat. It's also not very helpful to others (I think) to only see the finished product.

The process and in-between moments are so interesting! Like here:

messy studio
My messy workspace in my bedroom. Not a staged photo.

Side note: I've since gotten rid of my flat file...kind of sad but also a relief in some ways. It was too permanent of a piece of furniture for my not-so-permanent living situation, hah!

Reading other illustrators’ blogs is a pastime I LOVE, so trying to give that back, in a way, sounds nice. Seventeen-year-old me would love a place crammed with illustrator tidbits & insider knowledge—even just where to find art supplies! I was so often crippled with the many different choices that I couldn’t even start out! It’s one thing to see other artists’ work and another to know how they created such inspiring paintings (not tooting my own horn—but I’ve felt this way towards countless illustrators!). I want this blog to be a place where other creative-minded ladies can read and learn about illustration & design.

Don't worry, I'll probably still share stale blog posts with illustrations I've done that have absolutely no "art tips". What can I say, I'm nothing if not a scatter-brain! 😊

I've also thought about my brand name--The Peacherie--and what it evokes. There's a meaning behind it, don't you know? It was created to further me in the direction of warmth, fuzziness (not the hairy variety--I'm talking about those happy feelings one gets sometimes), and growth (with a small French flair--hence the ie spelling).

It's nice to remember that--especially the "growth" part. Even though we're taking baby steps, we're going somewhere!


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