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Summer Catch All

I can hardly believe summer is almost over--I'm sure it's a universal feeling, right?! And school is so weird--I'll take being stuck behind a bus any day versus not having kids in school. (Not that it affects me so directly. But I loved school and it's sad to think these kids won't get that same experience.)

I figured I'd post about my summer, not only as a reminder to me what I actually did, but also an update for you!

Oysterville, WA

Oysterville cannery by the Willapa Bay

We had a weekend at the beach after my sister graduated. I absolutely love the teensy village of Oysterville, WA (on the bay side of Long Beach peninsula). It's such a historic, quaint place and the scenery is beautiful. The church there has some amazing wallpaper, too (just thought I'd mention, because inspiration!). I would LOVE a vacation home here someday.

This is like an Anne of Green Gables novel. Serene.

Redding, CA

It's just a seven hour drive from BG, so my friend Molly and I spent a long weekend there. I loved our Airbnb--it had an in-ground pool and the cutest decor! Also, the wildflowers are darling!

Oh, hey. No fashion blogger here, just me!
Burger good. Fries meh.


Hatcher's Pass, AK

I also made a VERY quick jaunt up to Alaska (seriously, less than 2 days) to visit a dear friend. The mountains always amaze me. They go on forever!

Rock Monstrosity Cover Up

This ugly thing got an update! Every time I glanced in this corner I'd cringe. It was so dark and gloomy and faintly prehistoric.

I cleaned the rock with some TSP and water, let it dry, and then white washed with 50/50 solution of water and ceiling paint. I love the result! Also, cheap.

Ta da!

Art & Rusty Glamour

I did a painting of my brother's home--the largest I've ever done. It was 18x24 inches and I loved it! He made the frame for it and it looks so good in their house.

Rusty Glamour has kept me busy this summer! I have candy & hand-painted goods in there (like this card that made me so happy). It's so nice to be in an actual brick-and-mortar. And the ladies at RG are so amazing and supportive.

Okay, so I know La Croix gets a lot of hate. Not from me!

Here's a few quick snaps of our booth:

Being busy.

Thanks, Molly, for the papparazzi. Side note: my things look so good with the colorful baby outfits (made by my sister Michelle, Baby Blueberrie).

2021 Calendars!

Finally! Products to show you guys. I've never been this early with the calendar game, so I'm feeling pretty confident. I have a Girl in Nature calendar, and....

This beaut. I have the pre-order on my Etsy shop, and I'm hoping to get these back from the printer by September 21st.

Stay tuned for desk calendars as well!

Okay, thanks for staying with me to the end! I feel so lucky to be able to have this hobby-turned-small business. It brings me so much joy.

Hope you all are doing well!

Take care.

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