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Strawberry Oil Painting

Hello there! I'm back after a long break. Moving, pandemics, and LOTS of custom paintings have kept me away. (Side note: living in the country is so peaceful.) Not that I'm complaining--life has simultaneously slowed down and sped up and I'm trying to take it in stride!

Now on to the fun part: oil painting.

I finally got the courage to try this intimidating medium (round two!). I've always wondered why I never got to try it out in school--sure we used oil pastels but those can't compare! It's like saying watercolor pencils are the same thing as watercolor paint.

My only thought on the lack of oil painting in school--strong chemicals. Turpentine and oil paint smell bad. I've been using them out-of-doors and good thing! It wouldn't be a good idea to fill my room with that odor.

Last time I used oil paint was almost THREE years ago. Here was the result:

I struggled with this tiny thing! Also, why didn't I paint a color as the background? Well, I didn't know what paint thinner was, apparently. Or patience for that matter--there are now some smears on the painting that were NOT intentional. I do like the texture of this though!

I'm a big fan of Janet Hill's oil paintings. She's my #1 inspiration because she combines illustration & oil paint so well and it's not fussy at all. I'm thinking I might have to order a print from her Etsy shop.

More inspiration:

My view is amazing! I sat in this li'l gazebo at my house and listened to the pouring rain and it was such an idyllic moment.

Also here are the strawberry plants growing out back--they look so healthy & I can't wait to eat the fresh berries.

This blog post is going down a gardening tangent--something else I'm super excited about. I'll have to share more later on the projects I've got going on :)

Hope you're hanging in there! I've been trying to avoid the news and spend time outside each day. It helps my mental health quite a bit.

Take care!


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