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Hobby Lobby Haul

I took the day off on Monday to go to Hobby Lobby (once I discovered it’s been open during quarantine!) and I’ve never spent so much money at an art store before. It felt really good (which says something about me—I‘m such a consumer!).

Hobby Lobby is a dream. There is so much to look at and so many directions you can go! I was seriously considering trying out polymer clay, but I refrained (really, I don't have TIME for all the hobbies!).

Here's an overview of my haul:

Err, I'm not sure how it ended up so disorganized! Clearly I could've utilized the space in that cart better :)

If you'd like the nitty gritty, here's the full list!

"Wearable Art"

  1. Canvas zipper pouches

  2. Canvas backpack (not pictured)

  3. Canvas tote bag

  4. Plain t-shirt

  5. Baby onesies

  6. They named these "creepers"...I DO NOT like that name!

Random Goods

  1. Nesting side tables with paint stroke design (see picture of cart above)

  2. My sister persuaded me to get these for our living room--it's coming together nicely!

  3. Wood dowels

  4. using them for my art shelf.

  5. Scrub brush (see photo below--love that sage green!)

  6. Spray paint

  7. used for a bathroom mirror (hunter green!)

Art Materials

  1. 8x10, 2x4 canvas/panels

  2. For oil painting experiments.

  3. 8x10, 11x14, 14x18 watercolor canvas panels

  4. I just discovered these--I hope they work well for hanging up on the wall. I'll let you know what I think!

  5. Fabric paint brushes

  6. These brushes are sturdier than watercolor and can handle thicker paint better.

  7. Detail brush set

  8. Multi-purpose brush set

  9. Odorless paint thinner (thanks Kari for the recommendation!)

  10. Fabric paint

  11. I picked out some spring colors for my up-and-coming hand-painted accessories.

Ahhh I'm feeling so inspired (and kinda overwhelmed with possibilities)! I've already painted on a few zipper pouches and LOVE the results. I'm going to put the finished products in Rusty Glamour, and hopefully Etsy.

One thing for sure--people have been crafting so much during the quarantine! See, there are some silver linings to our current situation :)

Hang in there!


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