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Beach & Oil Paintings

We recently spent a couple of lovely days at the beach for a sisters’ trip. Since it was a mid-week stay I felt especially lucky to get away!

The house was situated with a beach view and hearing the ocean waves crash was a balm for me. The weather was perfect for sitting outside for hours without any discomfort. I loved hearing the seagulls and the random bits of conversation from passing strangers.

I spent a morning experiencing the complexities and joys of oil painting. I purposely left all other art supplies at home so I could focus on oil. It’s a challenging medium. But the richness and texture of the paint are beautiful!

Here are a few paintings I worked on:

Fashion illustration + moody seascape + boho grasses.

Any kind of fruit is so cheerful, and the texture on the pot is super fun! It reminds me of the mass-produced paintings you can find at Ross/TJ Maxx that have the artificial texture--only this is for real :)

I'm half-way surprised I like the creaminess and bumpiness of oil paint. After working with watercolor for so many years, this feels almost luxurious!

Oil Painting Tips:

  1. Always start with some sort of background color. It makes starting a painting less intimidating.

  2. Don't be afraid to use lots of paint! It creates really amazing effects.

  3. Try painting without an instructional booklet or Youtube video (for the first time, at least!)

  4. Be intuitive. Just start painting.

  5. Don't put so much pressure on yourself!

I ended my trip with lunch at the Bowpicker in Astoria. Yes, I did wait in line for 20+ minutes, but I'd do it again. Yum!

What a lovely trip! Strange, though; I have a weird tendency to shy away from beach trips (seriously, why?!) so I'm glad when they surpass my expectations. Really, though! I shouldn't be complaining when we have it so close by.

Hope your October is off to an amazing start! Take care :)

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